About Jan

I paint with acrylics and hand painted tissue collage papers,  to make layered complex images. I try to capture the essence of a scene; my experience of a place; some verses of poetry; a piece of music, or a play.  Sometimes I’m exploring colours, textures, shapes and lines, usually with reference to my experience of my environment. My images are layered and complex because I try to reflect the multi-faceted world we inhabit.

My art practice spans several decades and over the years I have had passionate relationships with calligraphy, bookbinding and conservation, botanical painting and drawing, and miniature books (which combined several of my passions).. Most recently, I’m exploring printmaking and painting. 

If you’re curious about my miniature books, they can be seen on my old De Walden  Press website, www.dewaldenpress.com.

Please note there are no miniature books for sale, the info is there purely as a reference for the hundreds of wonderful people who own my books, and the libraries and institutions who also purchased them.

I will be writing a blog eventually, and perhaps a newsletter, but for now, this will have to suffice.

Jan Kellett 


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